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The security situation and the foreign relations with Russia (and with China) and the rule of Putin are results of the wrong communist policies followed in Russia before the end of the Cold war and of the wrong (extremist) capitalist policies followed in the U.S. and the West after. This situation and relation will not change in either side of the equations, until the rule of liberal and democratic order in the U.S., Europe and the West is restored and the extremism of the dominant private interests, is checked. This meaning until the West and especially Europe which is first in the line of fire, restore institutions and reinforce themselves, politically, socially and economically. This refers particularly to the EU, Germany and Greece. Also, to the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan.

The same applies to the security situation and the foreign relations with China and worldwide.

Meanwhile, Putin’s Russia is likely to play imperial policy tactics and after Putin risks to take the political course of Venezuela (in the Russian variation).

The U.S. Senate is right to slow the Tik Tok bill. Notwithstanding that China was involved in the Covid affair in coordination with private dominant interests and that it follows aggressive military policy and unfair trade practices, (a) the scale of risk from the possible wrongful or abusive exploitation of private data and information by the Chinese regime via Tik Tok, is not yet assessed, (b) the penetration of Tik Tok in the U.S. market is high but the competitiveness of the U.S. social media will be restored by liberation, regulation and supervision (of the market and the platforms, not the users), (c) the U.S. cannot normally follow market practices it condemns elsewhere, particularly in China, (d) the U.S. and the international information and communication market needs freedom, competition, plurality and diversity, (e) there is no security that the forced acquisition will not result to further market consolidation or unlawful state aid to special and preferred interests, (f) commensurate rather than extremist policies must be followed with China (and with every other state), (g) notwithstanding demise, degradation and unfair competition, the fundamental information and communication condition of the U.S. is still robust. Finally, education is the cornerstone of successful information and communication management by users and programmers of technologies including of IT and AI.

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