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Niger’s ruling junta cutting ties with Western powers and moving closer towards Russia, is not helpful for anti terrorism, for Niger and its people, for Africa and for the world.

European Union countries have agreed to a law requiring companies to ensure their supply chains do not cause environmental damage or use forced labour. This legislation initiative is positive, provided that the motives are public, genuine and moral, not private, political and alterior, efficient and effective and they do not disrupt supply chains, impede free markets (competition) and fuel inflation.

Open Arms is a private NGO engaged in the support of trafficking of illegal, undocumented migrants by sea from the Near East and North Africa shores to the EU, recently via Italy. The violent removal of the Palestinians from Gaza and the West bank is not helpful for stability or security in the Near East and the Middle East. Especially when this results to territorial annexations of Palestinian land to Israel. Much as food aid and supplies are urgent and vital for the Gazans, the delegation of this task to NGOs engaged in the support of trafficking illegal, undocumented migrants from the said shores to the EU, is perilous and dangerous for security and stability in the Middle East, in Europe and beyond.

Decades after the establishment of Israel, extremism and terrorism continue to impede or prohibit peaceful coexistence of Palestinians and Israelis in the Palestine and by extension of Israel and European host states of migrants, with Arab states and Iran in the region. After the West bank, Gaza is another opportunity for such peaceful coexistence, lost. The military conflict in the Red Sea and the effective blockade of the Suez Canal, the terrorist diversion of maritime transport around Africa, the consequent supply chain disruption and the generative inflation, compounded by the war in Ukraine, the corresponding hostility with Russia and the tension in the Aegean, together with the subversion of national and international institutional and economic order in the developing and developed countries and worldwide, are clear proofs of the danger and peril to regional and international stability and security.  

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