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Past Information & Communication Crisis

In the last 20+ years, we live through inescapable and escalating economic, technological, ecological, political, legal, academic, social and security, poly-crisis. This national and international super systemic crisis is marked by successive systematic episodes (information, communication campaigns and cyber attacks) of pervasive extremism, increasing risk, danger and damage. For the allied democratic and liberal forces, the poly crisis has culminated to institutional and constitutional crisis.

From financial crisis, to terrorism, to illegal migration, to Covid, to supply chain disruption, to infrastructure (technical, legal, economic, social and cyber) sabotage, to war in Ukraine (and on to Moldavia, the Baltic States, Poland, Finland), to war in the Aegean (and on to Cyprus), to war in Gaza and the Red Sea (further sea transport disruption and on to Iran and the Middle East) and to war in the Far East (and on to South China Sea, Taiwan and North Korea). Developing countries and populations in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America are impoverished and destitute, dangerous and out of control, especially since, Covid, inflation and the global institutional crisis. In addition to the inevitable exacerbation of nuclear war risk (since the conventional is already at play), we have climate change and the degradation of the environment. Consequently, Europe is on course to become a Russian province, Greece to become a Turkish province (again) and the Far East with the Pacific, part of the PRC Empire. The Middle East we Ieave to the imagination of the readers. South Asia is in turmoil, Africa and Latin America already in chaos.

Generative of the poly crisis, is the global information and communication crisis, which the world faces. This crisis is due to private trusts, monopolies and cartels which exploit wrongfully and abusively the extraordinary powers of digital technologies. The purpose of this malicious exploitation is the domination and control of public and private information and communication in all commercial markets and financial exchanges, (particularly in media networks and the press), the elimination of any competition, the intimidation of any opposition and the defeat of democracy, freedom and plurality across society and the economy. Finally the imposition and enforcement of policies serving the dominant private interests.

Sound technology, information and intelligence are conditions of survival and success of humanity and civilisation at individual and collective level. Correspondingly the stakes are higher for military forces in precarious security situations and especially in engagements. Nevertheless, the poly crisis and specifically the information and communication crisis has arrived to affect the technological integrity and operational capability of the national and allied armed forces (including disruptions in the chain of command). The risks and toll of this in national and international security is profound and incalculable.

This office legally defends against competition violations and unlawful conducts. We also advocate for liberty in information and communication, freedom in the commercial and financial markets, democracy in the society and for integrity in the media and the press. To this end we undertake legal actions and have filed relevant reports, applications, and appeals to the Greek judicial authorities since 2020 and to the corresponding EU and U.S. authorities since May 2023 and November 2023, respectively.

We also advocate for the development of a news monitor, public information and communication and national and international security policy center with the U.S. Pentagon, as leading authority among the allied forces. This establishment is long overdue for all the stated reasons and specifically for the aversion of crisis and chaos, the moderation of risk and danger from peril, poverty, war, oppression, environmental degradation, climate change, crime against humanity and the mitigation of damages amounting to tens of US$ quadrillion or incalculable and irreversible. For this and for the compliment and respect our endeavour commands worldwide, we will not cease to advocate until this center is established.   

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