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The Lost War

Europe and the world narrowly escaped another blockade of Red Sea and the Suez Canal by terrorists, unlawful economic interests, business and financial cartels. The situation is not the same with the now perpetual poly crisis, which the world is unable to escape from, times and again. The poly crisis is precipitated by the elaborate and systematic war of the economic, business and financial monopolies, trusts and cartels against democracy and liberty and economy, ecology and technology worldwide and particularly against the member states and the allied forces of NATO and the EU.

The fact is that the authorities and leaderships in many countries and states and particularly in NATO and the EU and in other the international organizations across the world, simply cannot deal politically with systematic violation, evasion and abuse of the rule of law and constitutional order, offence, organized crime, complot and systemic corruption. This is even if they wanted to do so and I accept that some do.

The level of political determination and resolve to deal with the trusts and monopolies and the extremist and terrorist groups and with the derivative poly crisis at any meaningful rate, is not uniform, across the countries, the states and the international organizations. There are variations but failure on average is standard and solid. Democracy and liberty feature as broken systems and corrupt political, social and economic ideas, after all these successive and escalating attacks, shocks and strikes against the national and international security stability and order and the rule of law by the extremist, terrorist and criminal groups. The systematic failure of the democratic and liberal states to deal with violence, offence, crime and terrorism and maintain elementary compliance with the rule of law and order and with the standards of stability and security, inevitably leaves the case to the hands of people and citizens. What will now happen politically in the West and worldwide is anyone’s call.

The fact is that the account of recent history is music to the ears of autocrats and extremists in the non-liberal and democratic states of the world. For this they only praise private and public autocrats and extremists in the West and elsewhere, when they are not in open alliance with them, ideological, political and practical. Obviously, this is risk of different level because China is not Houthi, assuming that the attacks in the Red Sea are all Houthi. Russia is not Ukraine and communism fell without military fight in the Cold war but the war is no longer cold. Iran is not Hezbollah and Hamas, surprise or not. The Middle East is not all ISIS and Al Qaida. Last but not least, North Korea is not alone. The question is who is Europe, the West and the World but this question, dear readers, I am afraid that history has just answered.

The damage is irreversible and therefore it is regrettable as it profound, that in the confrontation and conflict with extremism, terrorism, crime, cartel, corruption and complot, the liberal and democratic states and alliances are consigned to defeat. This fait accompli is ideological, political, economic and military and the commands of their national and international armed forces know it.

I am not expert in military strategies and tactics, but I know that war is for victory. So, in lost battles even heroic commanders usually order retreat to cut losses, this is common sense. What happens after retreat, I suppose is matter of defense.  

Besides that there is a historic matter. If the U.S. and the West cannot any longer lead the world and provide a fair, functional and accountable system, because of corruption and complot or for whatever other reason, someone else will. In this case this else is China and maybe Russia even and their allies, with or without the extremists, the terrorists and private monopolies and cartels which now do.

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