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Free and Fair Competition in the Market

Standard economic, political and legal prerogatives and commercial common sense drive anti inflation and recovery policy from stage 1 (interest rate rise) and stage 2 (investment in public infrastructure and utilities), to stage 3 (market competition and regulation enforcement).

Market liberation calls for adaptation of businesses to the new competitive environment. The economy and the market are moving from the central consolidated business model to the decentral flexible customer, user and consumer driven business model. Besides customers and consumers, users include all market and economy stakeholders, HR and labor, outsource collaborations, providers and suppliers and shareholders.

The new business is production and provision of the market with instrumental (friendly, helpful, satisfying) and beneficial goods and services to users, customers and consumers at commensurate prices. The new market policy is equitable transactions (exchanges) with users, customers and consumers for (usually added) value, in fair competition with competitors.

The move to the competitive market (condition) requires therefore, the elevation of the specifications of goods and services to the new standards. This frequently needs business operation upgrade, successful digital transformation, regulation compliance and last but not least, enterprise re-organization, besides standard quality control and customer service review.  

Besides management resolve, the above elevation requires investments. For these national, international and European structural and development funds make available public incentives and funds. Compliance with terms of incentives and investment performance increase business competitiveness, facilitate market participation and augment corporate value. The recalibration of qualitative – quantitative participation in high technology economy, ecology and market, enables companies and professionals to seize profitably and beneficially the opportunities of the unfolding business dynamics.

Furthermore adaptation to competition augments competitiveness, efficacy and efficiency of businesses, increases their value and distances from past distortions and delinquencies in the market.

Finally technological, economic and ecological improvement is warranted in situations of precarious military confrontations like the current between the Allied Forces, Russia and China.

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