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The Elections of Systemic Corruption

For those who are surprised by the big difference (20 electoral points) between ND and SYRIZA last Sunday, I remind the following:

Since the second decade of post-dictatorship period and especially since the national insolvency of 2009, the election results in Greece have been rigged by the so-called party-union electoral army of voters under the cover and guidance of the entangled (systemically corrupt) media. This is the solid block of the partisan and unionized core voters mainly of the state sector. This hard line block is preeminently clientelistic and directed by the systemic corruption (entanglement). It consists mainly of voters of the Unionist Left (i.e. of the former deep PASOK) and partly of voters of the Populist Right (traditional ND) and represents approximately 20-25% of the electorate (10-12% of the population). It is supported by benefits, allowances, privileges, appointments and other bribes as far as the state party union army is concerned and by public works, procurements and state aids as far as its journalistic and business direction is concerned. It is financed by the state budget, the public investment program and the European structural, regional and development funds and the cohesion funds. The electoral army forms the hard line basis of the partisan regime and in each election it moves in an ordered concerted manner in predetermined voting directions so as to create together with the mass media the current of authoritarian publicity and politics which is needed for attainment of the mandated results.

Indicative of the movements of the electoral army, its strength and effectiveness in achieving the predetermined electoral results are the following.

It must be noted also that from the post-dictatorship period until the memorandums (the EMU Financial Facility and Assistance Programs), the main parties in power in Greece were the ND (right-center right) and PASOK (left-center left). The Coalition (along with the Democratic Left) was a small left-wing fringe party. LAOS (together with ANEL) was a small right-wing fringe party.

Elections                     ND        PASOK    COALITION        LAOS / ANEL         DA


2007                         41,8%       38,1%             5,4%

2009                         33,4%       43,9%             4,6%                    5,6%

2012 (Μay)               18,8%       13,1%            16,8%                 10,1%             6,1%

2012 (June)              29,6%       12,2%            26,9%                   7,5%             6,2%

2015                         27,8%         6,2%            36,3%                   3,7%

2019                         39,8%          8,1%            31,5%       

2023 (Μay)               40,7%       11,5%             20,7%   

2023 (June)        


In 2012 (“Anti-Memorandum” – EMU FAFA Campaign – May) PASOK loses 25 electoral points (%). The Coalition (SYRIZA) wins 12% and the Democratic Left 6%.

In 2012 (“ditto” – June) PASOK still loses 25 electoral units. The Coalition (SYRIZA) gains another 10%.

In 2012 there was a solid movement of 22% (!) of PASOK’s electoral army voters to SYRIZA of the then new delegate Alexis Tsipras. The result is SYRIZA’s rise from 5% to 30% (!) of the electorate and the corresponding decline of PASOK from 44% to 12% (!) in one election round (!).

In 2015 (of the 3rd Memorandum – EMU FAFA), the deep PASOK still gives 6 electoral units to SYRIZA, which wins another 10% and forms coalition government with ANEL.

In 2019 (of Corona, Ukraine and Turkey), ND wins 12 electoral units and forms a government. PASOK wins 3.5%. SYRIZA loses 5%.

In 2023 (of the national issues and the economy – May) the ND maintains its forces at 40% and enters governance orbit. SYRIZA loses 11%.

View this, the column suggests to the entangled media, at least for saving of the pretences, to announce to the public, if possible within the week, the results of the June (elections), so that the elections can be canceled and the Parliament can convene for the immediate and clear formation of another delegate of systemic corruption, government.

In this way, further cosmetic, advertising and ratification procedures of pre-decided election results as well as inappropriate fiestas and so-called “surprises”, insulting of truth and history and demeaning of the memory and of the intelligence of the citizens, will be avoided.

Moreover, the hysterical celebrations of the Greek television networks for the victory of Erdogan (who, among other things, renounced the secular state in Turkey, turned the Hagia Sophia into a mosque and threatens Greece with war), confirm the updating of a backstage agreement between the corrupt regime in Greece and power centers abroad, for the delivery of Greek sovereign and territorial rights to Turkey. It is noteworthy that the contestant who is proclaimed by the media as the winner of the elections, is waiting for the typical ratification of his victory in the June elections, so that he can meet, according to his statement, Erdogan at the earliest (and hand over to him the Greek sovereign rights, against unknown trade-off of course).

Not to mention the overtake of the news coverage of the alleged coup against Erdogan, by the horrific terrorist attack in Nice and the similar terrorist attacks that followed suit in France, Germany, Belgium and Britain as well as the beheadings of Christian believers, priests and teachers, which culminated to the arson of the Notre Dame in Paris.

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