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Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination draws from variations in human adaptations to climatic and environmental conditions of Africa (warm and wet) and those of Europe (cold and wet). Anthropological, physiological, cultural, intellectual, social, technological and economic variations profoundly reflect the said more or less pronounced, environmental and climatic adaptations.  

In addition, the following must be noted on the subject:

1. Intelligence is energy. Time wise, the origin of intelligence, including of human intelligence is at the earliest, in the universal Big Bang. This means that intelligence has run evolutionary course of c. 14,300,000,000 years of inorganic, organic and biological evolution.

2. Animal and human intelligence is neurological and so kinetic. Animal intelligence has run an extra to plant, evolutionary course of c. 500,000,000 years. Primate intelligence has run an extra to animal, evolutionary course of c. 5,000,000 years. Homo sapiens intelligence has an extra to primate and earlier human species, evolutionary course of c. 200,000 years.

3. There is no an extra genetic, kinetic or neurological evolutionary course which the inhabitants of Europe (white race) have run against the inhabitants of other continents (other races). Conversely there is no extra or superior evolutionary genetic, kinetic or neurological course which the white race has run at the level of biological species and beyond in the territories of the northern continents or elsewhere.

4. The physiological, anthropological etc. variations (adaptations) of the so called, white race were acquired during and after the last glacial period, after which the homo sapiens migrated from Africa to the northern colder European climate and environment, c. 50,000 years ago (there were smaller earlier migrations). This means that all our ancestors who took off from Africa were black (so we were originally also black).

5. Again, the allegedly superior social, technological and economic (relational and organizational) adaptations of the inhabitants of Europe as against the inhabitants of other continents also have attributes originally climatic and environmental.

In conclusion, discriminations for alleged neurological, social, cultural or political superiority or supremacy of the white race as against the other races or of corresponding inferior differentiations thereof, denote (significant) theoretical, anthropological and conceptual deficit. This deficit is not complimentary to human intelligence, especially at the current contemporary and modern level.

Instead, what is honourable and respectful especially for the inhabitants of Africa and for our black ancestors, is that they and our other biological and other evolutionary ancestors carried forward the burden and the torch of the evolution of about 5,000 years of our modern civilisation (which albeit culminated to the current disgraceful predicament), for more than 500,000 years of pre-history. Meanwhile I note with deep theoretical, educational and moral regret each time this invaluable contribution of the black race to human intelligence and civilisation including of the white race, is not duly and sufficiently appreciated.

In modern history I know of at least three Presidents of United States who rallied the nation behind equality of race on several instances, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower and the current leadership of the U.S. There are probably more.

On slavery, to set the record straight.

Firstly each historical event must be judged in the context and the standards of the historical period it occurred, not in such of any past or future period. This includes moral or other judgements.

Secondly, as mentioned Africa was and remains the cradle of humanity. Ancestors of all humans who have now spread worldwide, came out of Africa and originally were all Africans. For a variety of reasons which are not for the present, all people of whatever race have paid a heavy historical price on the road to modernity and for arriving where they are today. This arrival is geographical but also temporal, racial, cultural, civil, technical and technological, social, economic, political etc. From those white or black Americans who finally reached America, whose ancestors paid the higher aggregated historic tribute, those of white Americans who left Africa at the end of the last glacial period and after venturing in the Middle East and Europe for centuries left Europe for America as fugitives and pioneers or those of black Americans who left Africa in the early industrial period as slaves, is interesting but also historical discussion.

For America and for the world, the current issue is if racial discrimination is justified or acceptable under the standards of the contemporary period. For the reasons cited higher, the answer is no. Why this was not also likewise earlier or at least not as much as it is today, is also for another historical note to recite .

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