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The Broken System

Trusts, cartels and monopolies in financial and commercial markets and in the media with ties to networks of extremists and terrorists in Islam and rings of other extremists and enemies, systematically extort and corrupt the liberal and democratic political, judicial, executive, economic, monetary and social institutions. They then use extortion and corruption to effectively tax states and people worldwide. For this they devise and employ various financial schemes and scams which include concerted speculative attacks, market manipulations, financial institutions and bank insolvencies, disruptions and dislocations of production, transaction, trade, transport and investment, manipulations and speculations on commodity and energy prices and crypto currency trades. With such devices they impair markets, business and investment and throw the world to inflation and stagflation, recession, depression and permanent economic crisis.

To augment damage and disorder, the trusts, monopolies and cartels also commit in complicity via misinformation and disinformation media campaigns and propaganda or otherwise violent acts such as terror attacks, trafficking and illegal migrations, Covid propagations and war crimes. The political and economic spoils they then share with allied in purpose terrorist groups, criminal organisations and extremist networks in adversary and enemy states.

The provocations of Ukrainian extremists against the Russophones of Donetsk and Lugansk, are boons for the extremists and imperialists in Russia, with President Putin standing as the chief political beneficiary.

Covid was a great political and economic boon for extremists and nationalists in China with CPC and President Xi standing as the chief political beneficiaries. With the economic, social and political dislocation of the free world with Covid, China gained at least 5-7 years in the convergence course with the U.S. in multiple sectors, including in the military. This is reflected in the augmented claims of China in South China Sea, the coercion in the Far East and the Pacific and in the aggression towards Taiwan.

The war in Ukraine was boon for sovereign oil & gas producers, especially for Saudi Arabia leader of Sunni Islam. After decades of enmity Saudi Arabia packs suddenly an accord of peace and conciliation with Iran which is the leader of Shia Islam. This Islamic and autocratic consolidation is brokered by China and blessed by Russia. This consolidation is apparently energy driven and underpinned by oil and gas traders and corporate majors. The reach of its effects in the broader Middle East and specifically in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt and the Palestine we have to wait to see. Notably we have not seen reactions from Israel in this Islamic consolidation. There the government is uncoincidentally busy with undemocratic and illiberal reform aiming to subvert the political independence of the Israeli justice.

Specifically in the economy, the course of global inflation had gone under way with speculative price increases of products and commodities mounted by Covid induced cargo terminal disruptions in main ports of China and of the U.S. The multi fold increases of oil and gas prices induced by the wave of sanctions which followed the break of the war with Russia in Ukraine added pressure to inflation. Price increases of electricity conveniently tied to prices of gas added to pressure on inflation and were subsidised by states and people who were taxed in favour of electricity and gas producers and traders.

On the equally uncoincidental failure and rescue of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve has forked out another 300 billion to beneficiary obliging banks. Smaller amounts have committed the Swiss National Bank and UBS for Credit Suisse.

Concurrently the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court which is not recognized by Russia or the U.S. just issued a warrant for arrest against President Putin for deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia. This warrant by the ICC is presumed tribute to President Putin for his heroic political and military efforts to defend Russia and protect the Russian national interests against the forces of President Zelensky, in the villain war.

Finally this week Presidents Putin and Xi meet to consolidate their power block, gratify their alliance with the private international trusts, monopolies and cartels, share the spoils from the broken system and all together celebrate the establishment of the new.

Stay tuned for more is coming.

P.S. By the way with regard to the sabotage of Nord Stream, why does Russia not fix the pipe lying broken in shallow water?

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