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Extremists and war mongers on either side of the conflict, Russia or Ukraine, are in the wrong side of history. 

After the end Cold war if not since longer, it is now high time for Russia to return to the European family. 

The European context is the only realistic and peaceful context of potential resolution of the issue with the Russophone regions in Ukraine and for the ending of the war. A similar and relevant example here is accommodation of the problem of Northern Ireland via the E.U. membership of the U.K. and now after Brexit with the recent accord between the U.K. and the E.U. 

The future therefore is in the development of the Euro Russian relations not in confrontation, fragmentation and in the divisive policies in Europe.

The accord for the food and fertilisers export program from Ukraine and Russia and the import of Kazakhstani oil to Germany via Russian pipeline point to this direction. 

People in Europe, in Russia and around the world who believe in the development of the Euro – Russian relations are welcome to join us in our effort for such development. It is timely and important that our united efforts in this constructive direction will become more visible and more potent. 

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