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The Battle for Freedom and Democracy

Coronavirus agents which China produced and exported under the rule of the government of the Communist Party of China (CPC) were then used in collaboration with equally or more dictatorial extremist special interests and media groups for systemic corruption and for the imposition of violations of human rights and civil liberties across the world. 

In addition to subversion of democracy and liberty, Covid accentuated inequality very significantly and threw the world and humanity to interminable health, public information, economic and security crisis. All people and countries suffered immensely and continue to suffer. Yet the poor people and developing countries in South Asia, Africa and Latin America were hit the hardest by the Covid scheme.

Against untold damages and losses to everybody else, autocratic and dictatorial regimes and capitalist extremists and militants feasted fiercely on Covid economically and politically.

At the level of sovereigns, China and more specifically the CPC under its current governance and among rivals Russia to smaller extent, were chief beneficiaries of the Covid campaigns against national and international institutions, freedom and democracy.

At the level of the wealth elite the astonishing stock market boom concurrent with the arrest of economic and social activity for Covid in scale and intensity never seen in the history of mankind, are indicative manifestations and attestations to this.

Big internet distributors of goods snapped the lockdowns and the dislocation of domestic production for further shift of commerce to imports from China. In Chinese ports and container terminals, the CPC and its allied business and media sponsors, exploited Covid further to saw chaos, disrupt transport and trade, stoke inflation globally, profit from it and throw the world to the next round of the vicious circle of crisis. The economic crisis and disruption derivative inflation then paved the way for the inflation explosion driven by the derivative energy crisis after the invasion of Ukraine and the imposition of trade and other economic sanctions to Russia.

During the Coronavirus bioterror and biowarfare, China converged and surpassed the U.S. not only economically (and politically) but also militarily. In the same period China grew its nuclear and conventional arsenal and the armed forces by leaps and bounds. Simultaneously, the built up of the Chinese military run in parallel with the specificity of China’s increasing coercion and aggression against Australia, South Korea, Japan, numerous other nations in the vicinity of South China Sea and last but not least against Taiwan.

Instead of tossing the sovereignty of China to ties with extremist groups and consuming the Chinese national interests to Covid like sinister schemes, propagandist campaigns and crimes against humanity with view to export tyranny, impose global dictatorship, defeat democracy and freedom across the world and moreover to employ the Chinese national military towards these ends, the government of the CPC should reverse the damaging trade practices and import plurality and liberty in China from the free and democratic world. 

The onward turn to plurality and liberty in China will not release the CPC and its dictatorial accomplices from the liabilities and responsibilities they have assumed from their unlawful concerted conduct, violations, wrong doings and crimes against humanity. It will however restore regional and international security to a degree and provide interim sustainability and stability to the political system of China, which is otherwise condemned to international incompatibility, marginalisation to a DPRK situation and inevitable disintegration.

At the same time the West and the world must push back against coercion and aggression, restore and reinforce liberty, democracy, institutions and the rule of law, fight systemic corruption and improve security economy, technology and ecology across the board.

Unless the people of the West and the world learn what happened and what happens and the truth is told fully and forthwith with no untouchables and cover ups, including in Greece, the battle for freedom and democracy and much more besides, is lost.

John A. Economides

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