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Tanks to Ukraine

The equipment of Ukraine with attack tanks Leopard 2 or Abrams has become an issue of concerted intense pressure by the international press and media trusts and special interests in the World Economic Forum and elsewhere, to the respective governments of Germany and the U.S. over the last month.

The unrelenting campaign of the media disguised as report and the pressure of the special interests for the delivery of the attack tanks to Ukraine which we have watched, involves barrage of publications and broadcasts most of which share the dogmatic authoritarian dictation (overt or covert order) to the German and U.S. governments for the equipment of Ukraine with attack tanks Leopard 2 and Abrams.

It is noteworthy that for the concerted publications and broadcasts, the controlled press and media employ a variety of misinformation and disinformation devices and techniques which range, from biased publications, abusive representations and false reports to implications of governments in Poland, France and the Baltic states and the set of ultimatums to governments in Germany and in the U.S.

The result which is reported indicatively in the below links (that the U.S. and the German governments will send after all Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks to Ukraine) is legally questionable, unenforceable or even invalid because the decisions referred in the publications if true, are made by the respective governments in the U.S. and in Germany profoundly under duress. Means of pressure in this duress are obvious extortion or exchange at least political imposed on the authorities by the the press and the media trusts and cartels and by the control they exert on public information. These are fundamental functions of information manipulation and systemic corruption.

Conversely there has been no information, debate, dialogue or discussion at least in public, about for example what are the benefits of sending the attack tanks to Ukraine, why does the Ukraine regime demand these tanks, what are the national interests in Ukraine in the conflict with Russia, whether Germany and the U.S. should become involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine, what are the chances of success, what maybe the retaliation of Russia and whether the special interests and the monopolistic press and media will guarantee the additional national security, economic and social risks which the escalation of the war in Ukraine at their direction involves, whether they will compensate for the losses and damages which the nations and the populations around the world will sustain as result, what is the benefit of the special interests and the media trusts into sending of the tanks to Ukraine, let alone about the foreign and security policies of Germany and the U.S. with Russia and Ukraine.

The abusive patterns and practices of reports in favour of the war in Ukraine are identical with the evasive and abusive patterns and practices and the variety of techniques which the media and press trusts employed on their campaigns for illegal migration and Covid violations inter alia.

Before providing answers to the above, the master minders and organisers of the above campaigns, should first reveal themselves formally to the public and voluntarily explain in truth who exactly they are, how they did and continue to do this and what are the benefits they adduce or expect to adduce from the initiation, escalation and prolongation of the war in Ukraine and the division and conflict between Europe and the free world with Russia after the end of the Cold war, the fall of communism and the triumph of freedom and democracy in the world.

This having said, powerful extremists and warmongers for political and financial benefit are not only in control of western media. Powerful extremists are also in control of Ukraine and of Russia who continue and escalate the war in defiance of the gross majority of the people, in Russia, in Ukraine and in Europe, who want peaceful cohabitation, cooperation and coexistence. They are against the war from which they stand to lose in energy prices, in inflation, in damages and in lives. They want political and diplomatic solution to the problemsof the Russophones in Ukraine and of the Russian interests in the region. In “democratic” Ukraine the extremist regime has banned negotiations with Russia by law (!). In Russia extremists and hardliners plot the return of the Russian people to the days of the Cold war, the resurrection of the Soviet Union and the fragmentation of Europe. This is only the first stage because the main plan is the overall disposal of the western financial, political and if possible the economic system from which Russia is sanctioned anyhow, with BRICs, China and others. The dark days of the Middle Ages still haunt Russia but return to even darker are in the works of powerful extremists across western and international media as the campaigns for unprecedented in human history, lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, masks, compulsory vaccinations with untested substances, trade and transport disruptions, repressions, shredding of institutions, bans, exclusions, violations and abolitions of human and civil rights and liberties, persecution of dissidents, etc., for really or allegedly dangerous Covid agents manufactured in China, manifested.

With regard to extremism in the Kremlin policy towards Ukraine and in the enterprise for the replacement of the western system, two further notes are due. First Russia has right to protect the rights and lives of the Russophones in Ukraine and to seek implementation of the Minsk agreements. However not by military invasion for international law has to be respected. Second Russia has right to seek alternative political or economic system especially where the western international system fails (as when democracy, liberty, law and oder are forfeited) and formative rights to western or international system when it participates.   

By the way speaking about extremists, what news about todays coincidental knife attacks in Algeciras church in Spain and in Berlin Germany and few days before in France and then in Hungary? About the attacks in California, U.S.? Finally what news on the investigations on terrorism?

John A. Economides

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