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The Importance of Information

Originally the Universe was an infinitely small ball of energy. The universal concentration at the limit of density, pressure and temperature was a gravitational singularity. From that limit commenced the gradual expansion of the Universe. 

The Big Bang, (as the initial energy variation of universal expansion was termed), transformed the original gravitational singularity to the dimensional plurality of interactive particles. 

Interactions are relational energy exchanges therefore they are forces. Interactions confer variations (changes) to the energy states of particles. Typical interactivity of particles is motion.

Energy and density variations are scalable and so develop dimension. Information is derivative of energy interchanges in the dimensions of time and space. 

Energy and density variations and derivative information provide interactive particles with relation (interaction), organization (reproduction) and condition (interchange) and so develop matter and mass. 

In variations of energy and matter, quantum states of lower resolution of mass (singularities) interchange dynamically with physical states of higher resolution of mass (pluralities). The transformation of the original single potential gravitational (contractive) variation to the subsequent multiple real universal (expansive) variations, is relative and dynamic.

Information combines the certainty of the past and the uncertainty of the future to reproduce interchanges of energy and matter states in the running present. Therefrom information draws structures and forms and describes systems and functions in the dimensions of space and time.

View this, the opening introductory propositions, in the 

Α. Philosophy of Science is that the Universe is a dynamic field where everything consists of energy, everything is energy and everything exists in energy. Corollary of this is that everything is active and mobile and that everything exists in the dimensions of space and time. 

Basic philosophical questions about the nature of knowledge, reality and existence, such as what exists (Ontology), what is real (Metaphysics), what is knowledge (Epistemology), what is good (Ethics), what is beautiful (Aesthetics), what is reason (Logic), what is human (Humanities) and specifically about the purpose, content and reliability of science and the relation between science and truth, are therefore resolved in the context of information about the dynamics of energy.

Β. Theory of Information is that energy, variation, interaction and time develop information. Information reproduces energy interchanges in the dimensions of time and space. Consequently, information refers to the dynamics of energy and provides definition and configuration to

1. Interchanges of quantum and physical states 

2. Relations, organizations and conditions of interactive entities 

3. Derivative structures, systems, forms and functions in the dimensions of space and time. 

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